• Andrea

    "I absolutely LOVE my hat. Thank you Ludo! Makes me feel amazing every time I wear it. ❤️❤️❤️"

  • Jack

    Ludovic created space for me to share ideas and then showed how what I envisioned could be created. I've bought a lot of designer items over the years but this was the most special experience I've had. Thank you Ludovic!

  • Alexcia

    "I  can say thank you in so many ways for Ludo taking my hazy vision and giving me the chance to realise it. Ludovic's ability to add delicate details and know where things should be placed is truly beauty made visible."

  • Francesco

    I don't wear hats... But when I met Ludovic and saw his hats and the love he puts into each piece, I had to own one! Ludovic and I made my hat, which is what makes it truly unique and personal.

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