"a hat to higher self"

By Alexcia Panay

Ludovic Baussan is a true artist with incredible attention to detail that I feel very grateful to call a friend. I came to him with a very vague idea of a hat I was dreaming of to symbolize a moment in time of my life that could connect me to my higher wisdom and creative force.

Persay… and he invited me to come create with him in his home studio in the countryside of ibiza, we shared a cup of tea and I felt at home instantly. Then we entered his workshop: A secret wonderland of tools, fabrics, and a stack of felt hats in every color you can imagine. I was a bit unsure of where to begin so he had me choose from a selection of vintage fabrics that could spark a direction… and among his collection we found a piece that was literally perfect for me. It was typed words as if a typewriter wrote on it… that said après la pluie… after the rain in French.. and had ra ra ra rainbow sprinkled around.

This sums up the poetry for me and the magic when you feel synchronicity guiding. As a poet this was the perfect addition…I even wore the hat at my first opening showcasing some work I created with a friend during the winter. It felt so good to wear my hat as I stepped into a place of inspiration.

The creative process to me is one the most liberating and inspiring experiences we get to have as humans in this lifetime and to do it with people who’s work you admire and can connect with is truly a precious gift.

I can say thank you in so many ways for Ludovic taking my hazy vision and giving me the chance to realise it. His ability to add delicate details and know where things should be placed is truly beauty made visible. To be able WEAR this hat as art and a reminder to stay connected to the muse and the endless fountain of creativity is something i will cherish forever!

Every hat is made with soul, steam and flames in my studio in Ibiza and shipped to your door.

We start by discussing together about colors, design, and finishings options as well as define your hat size. I like to do a video call so I share with you the hats I have in my studio, some material samples and accessories. You can also tell me more about you and share with me any pictures that inspires you.

Once we agreed on an artistic direction, I will be involve you throughout the creation process so that you can follow the evolution of your hat and see the finished product before it is sent to you.

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